Russia in colour 100 years ago: past passives lesson plan

Levels: intermediate to advanced.
Ages: older teens and adults.
Type: using photos as stimuli to produce particular grammatical forms; text reconstruction.
Skills: speaking; listening; reading; writing.
Language focus: past passives; vocabulary to describe some scenes represented in photos.

Southbound – song – lesson idea and worksheets

Level: intermediate to advanced.
Ages: older teens and adults.
Type: scanning a text for vocabulary anomalies; listening and responding to a song; various writing- or performing-based follow-on tasks.
Skills: reading; listening and pronunciation; speaking; writing.
Language focus: vocabulary related to travel and moving (and missing) home.

Complete lesson plan: debating the Stop Online Piracy Act

Level: Advanced.
Ages: older teens and adults.
Type: for classes of 6 or more students – exchanging information; holding a debate.
Skills: reading; writing; speaking; listening; pronunciation.
Language focus: revising modals of deduction and speculation, and language of agreeing, disagreeing, and expressing opinions and doubts.

Where’s my cheese? (IWB) lesson plan revising some prepositions of movement

Level: elementary to pre-intermediate.
Ages: kids, teens and adults.
Type: competitive games; controlled and freer practice using worksheets.
Skills: speaking; listening.
Language focus: vocabulary and grammar – revising prepositions of movement.