Staging class debates

Further to Monday’s post on debating the Stop Online Piracy Act, here are a few ideas for staging debates with your class more generally, as a way to revise topic-based vocabulary and language for agreeing, disagreeing, expressing opinions, and so on, in a fun and memorable way. I recommend using these ideas with older teens and adults at intermediate level and above.

Complete lesson plan: debating the Stop Online Piracy Act

Level: Advanced.
Ages: older teens and adults.
Type: for classes of 6 or more students – exchanging information; holding a debate.
Skills: reading; writing; speaking; listening; pronunciation.
Language focus: revising modals of deduction and speculation, and language of agreeing, disagreeing, and expressing opinions and doubts.

Conversations from student-generated questions

Levels: intermediate to advanced.
Ages: adults.
Type: conversation/fluency practice from student-generated, written questions.
Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing.
Language focus: grammar – question-formation; vocabulary – informal/conversational; other grammar and vocab points as they arise.

Language activities with Wordle and word clouds

Levels: elementary to advanced.
Ages: kids; teens; adults.
Type: quite a few uses for the famous word cloud generator, and some links to many more.
Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing; pronunciation.
Language focus: various vocabulary and grammar points.