Three things

Levels: pre-intermediate to proficiency.
Ages: older teens and adults.
Type: ice-breaker; developing conversation.
Skills: speaking; listening; reading; writing.
Language focus: reviewing emergent grammar; practising question formation in English; extending vocabulary in a personalised way.

Class introductions using Wordle and word clouds

Levels: elementary to advanced.
´╗┐Ages: teens; adults.
Type: using word clouds to generate discussion and build rapport.
Skills: reading; writing; listening; speaking.
Language focus: grammar – textual cohesion; any other grammar and vocab points as they arise.

First Lesson: Low Level Ice-Breaker

Levels: beginner to low pre-intermediate. Teachers with higher level classes might want to use my friend Jackie’s interview lesson, which you can find here.
Ages: teens; adults
Type: conversational; “breaking the ice”
Skills: listening; speaking; pronunciation (intonation patterns and individual sounds).
Language focus: introductions; any grammar and vocab that arises.