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19 May 2013

Using 123ContactForm for online lessons

Nik Peachey explains how you can use 123ContactForm for internet-based language learning.

19 May 2013

FCE listening exam practice – lesson

Adam Beale describes a recent FCE listening exam practice lesson he created about smartphone addiction.

14 May 2013

Practice activities for this, that, these, and those

Alex Case shares a collection of worksheets for practising this, that, these, and those.

07 May 2013

Easy infographics creator

Ozge Karaoglu presents a good, simple lesson idea using student-generated infographics using the online Easel.ly infographic creator.

07 May 2013

Story-creation infographic

Larry Ferlazzo shares a great infographic on creating the perfect story; may be useful in language classes.

05 May 2013

Free business English activities download

DELTA Publishing make available to download part 3 of Talking Business in Class.

30 April 2013

Interactive story character analysis for young learners

Ozge Karaoglu shares a nice idea helping YLs analyse characters in stories through the free, online tool Character Scrapbook.

03 March 2013

Language work with board games

Teresa Bestwick shares sample activities and a handout from her workshop on re-using board games in EFL classes.

07 January 2013

Free activities book download

DELTA Publishing have now made the seventh part of Jon Chandler’s book, The Resourceful English Teacher, available to download.

06 January 2013

Letter to new students

Sandy Millin shares a letter she’s given to her new class of English language learners, and invites them to reply in kind.

06 January 2013

Helping learners to talk about their holidays

Teresa Bestwick shares a useful activity encouraging and enabling language learners to talk about their holidays.

06 January 2013

On Textivate

Sean Banville reports on his favourite online language-learning app, which generates exercises based on texts of up to 500 words. You can try Textivate here.

05 January 2013

Letters of note

lettersofnote.com has collected the fifteen letters on their site most widely-read over the past twelve months. Some very useful language and interesting contexts for English lessons – make of them what you will. Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for the link.

05 January 2013

Vocabulary development resources

Larry Ferlazzo has collated his links to online resources on vocabulary development. Thanks very much!

04 January 2013

TPR with adults

Alex Case has an interesting collection of articles and worksheets on using Total Physical Response techniques with adult language learners.

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Teacher Development

08 October 2013

Free eBook download: What should every ESL teacher know?

Compass Media are offering “What Should Every ESL Teacher Know?” by Paul Nation as a free download. You need to register on their website first.

19 May 2013

Change through repetition

Scott Thornbury contrasts repetition of form in ELT with revisiting the same linguistic grounds in meaningful ways, and asks how we can best do this in language classrooms.

18 May 2013

Thinking of doing a DELTA?

Sandy Millin has an interesting and growing collection of interviews with people who’ve done full-time, part-time and online DELTA modules.

16 May 2013

Changes to the FCE for 2015

David Petrie explains some of the major changes coming to the Cambridge FCE exam in 2015. You can learn more about the FCE changes at the exam board’s website here.

06 May 2013

Motivating learners

Adam Simpson shares part two of his tips for motivating learners (part one is here).

05 May 2013

On the TKT and teacher knowledge

Scott Thornbury discusses the kinds of knowledge teachers need in order to teach, and how that knowledge can be assessed..

03 March 2013

Designing e-learning materials

Jason Renshaw shares some useful advice on designing online materials for classroom work and homework.

03 March 2013

On developing intrinsic motivation in students

Larry Ferlazzo has collected links to six weeks’ Twitter chat about how to develop intrinsic motivation in students.

03 March 2013

Effective instruction

Larry Ferlazzo discusses his “10 elements of effective instruction” on the Education Week Teacher website.

03 March 2013

Interview with an EFL teacher

Martin Sketchley interviews Janet Bianchini about her 34 years of teaching experience and work with the Consultants-E.

03 March 2013

What makes a genre?

Scott Thornbury explores the notion of genre: how can you tell what genre you’re reading, and what is the role of “artistic misbehaviour” within a text kind?

02 March 2013

How to write for ELT publishers

Alex Case has linked to some useful advice for anyone seeking to write for ELT publishers for the first time.

08 January 2013

Dogme and reading comprehension

This Yahoo! Groups ELT Dogme discussion on teaching reading comprehension in conversation-driven, materials-light classes is becoming ever-more interesting and useful!

07 January 2013

Thornbury on accommodating speech to suit an audience

Scott Thornbury investigates accommodation in spoken language, and its relationship with language teaching and learning.

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Audio and Video

06 January 2013

Dan Pink on motivation and goal-setting

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for the link.

27 December 2012

Ken Paterson on his Handbook of Spoken Grammar

Via DELTA Publishing.

27 December 2012

Bob Dignen on his new book, Managing Projects

Via DELTA Publishing.

28 November 2012

Bringing management training to business English classes

Steve Flinders at the 2012 IATEFL BESIG conference in Stuttgart:

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