Stephen Krashen interviewed for YLTsig EVO 2012

Stephen Krashen talks about skill-building versus comprehension-based ideas of how best to learn languages, academic English and EAP, and the duty we teachers have of making language learning pleasurable. The interview requires Adobe Connect, and can be a little slow to load. There are several more interesting videos on the YLTsig EVO discussion page, here.

Paul Nation w/ Rocky Nelson (Pt. 1)

In this first part of this 2010 interview at the PAC KOTESOL Conference, Professor Nation talks about the value of the General Service List, the growth of vocabulary studies, the value and limitations of teaching vocabulary in class, and how passion for an approach can carry you away.

Paul Nation w/ Rocky Nelson (pt. 2)

In this part of the interview, Professor Nation discusses what fluency means in relation to language learning, talks more generally about extensive reading, and suggests a greater focus be placed on learner training than vocabulary acquisition in exam classes. He also has an excellent set of free-to-use resources on his university webpage, here.

IH World 2012 DOS Conference videos

Speakers include Nicky Hockly on digital literacies, Luke Meddings on teaching unplugged, Jeremy Harmer on possible limitations of materials-light teaching, and several more. There’s also a two-part panel discussion (here and here, respectively) featuring all the speakers at the conference.