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31 December 2012

Grammar games and worksheets

Free, downloadable grammar games and worksheets, organised into kinds by Alex Case in time for the New Year – well done, Alex!

27 December 2012

On Can and Can’t

Alex Case lists worksheets, songs, stories and other activities for teaching or practising using the modals “can” and “can’t”.

23 December 2012

Photocopiable exercises on future progressive

Alex Case has collected all his worksheets and articles about future continuous or progressive forms.

22 December 2012

Lessons on career women

Gerald Von Bourdeau describes two recent Dogme-style lessons he’s tried out with his class, on challenges facing and stereotypes of modern-day career women.

21 December 2012

Apps for Christmas and New Year

Özge Karaoğlu describes some fun and educational apps about Christmas and the New Year.

19 December 2012

Interesting infographics on learning English

Adam Simpson shares some interesting infographics on learning English he got via some spam email from Kaplan. No idea how the data was obtained, however, so caveat emptor!

17 December 2012

Festivals and celebrations photocopiables

Alex Case shares a selection of downloadable worksheets on Christmas, New Year and other festive occasions.

16 December 2012

Meaningful project work for Christmas

Dave Dodgson explains how he helped create an engaging, project-based language lesson for his students, based around the myth of the Mayan apocalypse.

16 December 2012

Great websites for ELLs

Larry Ferlazzo lists some excellent websites for English language learners.

15 December 2012

Reviewing 2012

Martin Sketchley has a good, YouTube-based lesson plan about reviewing 2012.

15 December 2012

Worksheets and articles for Christmas

Alex Case has collated 42 worksheets and articles on Christmas for young learners.

14 December 2012

New Digital Journey ebook

Lindsay Clandfield interviews Jennifer Verschoor and Özge Karaoğlu about their new ebook on integrating meaningful tech tools into lessons. You can also buy My First Digital Journey on amazon.com.

11 December 2012

Reading in materials-light classrooms

There’s another good discussion brewing on the Yahoo! ELT Dogme Group, this time on improving students’ reading skills in dogme-style classes.

10 December 2012

Low-tech lessons

Ken Wilson shares two excellent drama-derived lesson ideas, and shows why it can be good to get back to basics from time to time.

10 December 2012

Christmas web apps

Özge Karaoğlu rounds up some fun, Christmas-themed web apps.

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Teacher Development

06 January 2013

Three more interesting discussions on Dogme in ELT

Promising discussions on recording yourself learning an foreign language, introducing dogme to teachers, and online videos of dogme-style lessons are brewing in the Yahoo! Groups ELT Dogme section.

04 January 2013

CPD suggestions

Vicky Loras shares eleven tips for continuing professional development, gleaned from a blog post by Mike Griffin.

31 December 2012

Tips on using tech in class

Adam Simpson lists six tips on using emergent technology in class.

31 December 2012

What would you like in the New Year?

Dave Dodgson shares his wishlist for 2013.

30 December 2012

Another useful 12 from 12

Sandy Millin’s favourite and most important blog posts and articles from 2012.

27 December 2012

Getting learners doing homework

Adam Simpson shares six (non-violent) ideas that have helped him encourage students to do their homework.

25 December 2012

Hippocratic oath for teachers

Adam Simpson lists an interesting series of commandments for language teachers to follow this coming year.

21 December 2012

How has your teaching developed this year?

Vicky Loras describes a few of the more useful things she’s learnt this year.

20 December 2012

On language acquisition

Ceri Jones discusses an interesting conversation with her son on acquiring vocabulary slowly and incidentally, through reading for pleasure.

19 December 2012

What’s changed in your ELT classroom this year?

Henrick Oprea has a thought-provoking post on (lack of) change in ELT classes this past year.

17 December 2012

12 posts from 2012

Carol Goodey describes her twelve favourite posts from various blogs in 2012. Some very interesting reads!

17 December 2012

On the Forum on Curricular Issues

Adam Simpson considers what he’s learnt from the recent Forum on Curricular Issues he attended in Turkey. You can read more about the FoCI here.

17 December 2012

Touchscreen teaching in Kenya

Interesting news in the Economist about how tech company eLimu is introducing digital education in Kenya. You can read more about eLimu here. Thanks to Enda Byrne for the link!

17 December 2012

BELTE 2013

Martin Sketchley gives details of the next eBELTE (Brighton English Language Training Event) conference, sheduled for April 2013.

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Audio and Video

15 November 2012

Learning from the inside out

David Little on the importance of learner autonomy to second language learning.

30 August 2012

Luke Meddings demoes dogme

Luke Medding demonstrates a materials-light, conversation-driven approach to English language teaching, focussing on (intermediate learners’) emergent language. Video from the British Council’s teaching English website.

19 August 2012

Lesson planning and avoiding burnout

Shelly Terrell shares some great advice in her American TESOL Institute webinar (below); you can read her accompanying blog post here.

14 August 2012

Webinar on classroom management tips

Shelly Terrell on how to create a safe, authoritative and fun learning environment for kids and teens. Courtesy of the American TESOL Institute’s Lexical Press Blog.

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