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13 December 2011

Using wikis to help kids learn English

Dave Dodgson reflects on some problems and possibilities of using wikis to bolster classroom language work and encourage learning.

12 December 2011

Sprucing up picture description tasks in oral exams

Fiona Mauchline has some great ideas on making those description tasks more interesting, useful and learner-centred.

12 December 2011

Using worksheets for elicitation

Alex Case shares a couple of examples of how you can use worksheets to elicit language points from your students.

12 December 2011

Fairytale in New York

Jamie Keddie has a lesson based around the classic Pogues song.

07 December 2011

Video lesson on design

Jamie Keddie has a lesson contrasting good design with your typical business card; suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced ELLs.

07 December 2011

9 ways of using images

David Petrie shares some great ideas.

05 December 2011

11 from 11

Mike J Harrison describes and links to his favourite 11 posts of 2011.

05 December 2011

More free resources from DELTA Publishing…

Apart from part 2 of Humanising Your Coursebook, DELTA Publishing have just released the first in a planned series of extension activities for various of their books. Click here to download various reading texts and activities.

05 December 2011

Ten reading activities

David Petrie shares ten good reading activities. You might also want to see his 11 tips for writing and 12 blogs worth clutching – I’m spotting a theme here…

05 December 2011

Poem-based lesson for upper-intermediate & advanced-level students

Ceri Jones has a great plan, based around the poem “Stealing” by Carol Ann Duffy.

02 December 2011

Download part 2 of Humanising Your Coursebook

The second part of one of my favourite TEFL books is now available for download here. You have to register with DELTA Publishing first, but it’s free.

01 December 2011

Online lessons about Christmas

There’s a large and useful collection of online EFL lessons about Christmas at the ESOL Courses website here.

30 November 2011

Thoughtful language practice with mixed age classes

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto shares a great lesson idea, asking (a mixed age class of) young learners to create a how-to project, prepared in two different formats.

30 November 2011

Using iMovie in the classroom

There’s an interesting list on EdApps.ca of 13 ways you can use iMovie with your students – or any video-editing software you happen to possess, by the looks of it.

30 November 2011

Creating timelines online

Mark Brumley gives a useful tutorial on using dipity.com with your students to create free, digital timelines. Great for any work involving the past (personal or country-wide).

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Teacher Development

29 January 2012

Preparing for MA writing assigments

Dave Dodgson shares a few good tips.

29 January 2012

What makes a lesson great?, pt. 2

Anthony Gaughan gives his views.

28 January 2012

Turning false beginners’ wishes into goals

Marián Steiner reflects on why some false beginners don’t seem to progress.

27 January 2012

What makes a lesson GREAT? pt. 1

Anthony Gaughan thinks about group dynamics in ELT classes.

27 January 2012

On the discrepancies between what learners need and what they say they want

David Petrie begins a useful and much-needed discussion on the merits and demerits of needs analysis, and asks when the teacher might know best.

26 January 2012

How can we encourage young learners to behave well in class?

Patrick Jackson poses the question and replies to a few suggested answers.

26 January 2012

Remove the stress, remove the coursebook

Richard Whiteside recalls an interesting conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of using a coursebook in class.

23 January 2012

When is a teacher training course not a teacher training course? When it’s a front for a cult.

The New York Times reports on the extraordinary training course for “English Camp”, used by Korean evangelical group, Good News Corp, to spread their absurd beliefs. Thanks to Alex Case at TEFLtastic for the link.

23 January 2012

Does dogme count as an approach to language teaching?

Scott Thornbury argues that it is, inasmuch as it assumes language is “functional, situated, and realised primarily as text”.

21 January 2012

Entering the blogosphere…

Edna Sackson has a well-thought-out, ten step programme, which she plans to turn into a series of short CPD sessions.

21 January 2012

The road to a successful lesson…

…is paved with good intentions, according to this article on ScienceDaily, discussed here by Larry Ferlazzo (where he links it to a fascinating and larger set of resources he has about the importance of being positive in class).

19 January 2012

Is it wise to have just one teaching style or method of approach?

David Petrie gives his thoughts, in response to a recent post by Mike J Harrison. I’ll be publishing my own thoughts on the interplay between direct instruction and collaborative learning on this blog soon.

19 January 2012

What will your students remember you for?

Dave Dodgson shares an amusing and slightly rueful story.

19 January 2012

What is rapport and how can it be established?

Scott Thornbury shares a few different ideas.

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