Where’s my cheese? (IWB) lesson plan revising some prepositions of movement

Level: elementary to pre-intermediate.
Ages: kids, teens and adults.
Type: competitive games; controlled and freer practice using worksheets.
Skills: speaking; listening.
Language focus: vocabulary and grammar – revising prepositions of movement.

Using ghost stories to revise narrative tenses

Level: pre-intermediate to advanced.
Ages: teens and adults.
Type: telling a ghost story; sharing strange or unexplained stories; revising narrative forms.
Skills: reading; writing; speaking; listening; pronunciation.
Language focus: narrative tenses.

Textual Cohesion Mingle

Level: pre-intermediate to advanced.
Ages: teens to adults.
Type: class mingle; text reconstruction; choral and individual pronunciation work on conveying emotions; group- and pair-work.
Skills: sentence grammar awareness; speaking; listening; writing.
Language focus: sentence-level grammar; textual cohesion.