Debates added to topic-based materials

Debates added to topic-based materials section Further to my recent post about staging class debates, I’ve just uploaded two more to the topic-based materials section of this blog: one (on whether some art can be better than other art) here; the other (on whether private schools should be abolished) here. You can read some ideas […]

Staging class debates

Further to Monday’s post on debating the Stop Online Piracy Act, here are a few ideas for staging debates with your class more generally, as a way to revise topic-based vocabulary and language for agreeing, disagreeing, expressing opinions, and so on, in a fun and memorable way. I recommend using these ideas with older teens and adults at intermediate level and above.

12 ways of creating stories with your EFL students

Embedding target vocabulary and grammar points in vivid and emotionally-engaging stories is a great way to help your students remember more from their lessons, and remember them better. Here, I share twelve ways you can create stories with your learners.