TD: screencast – simplifying texts for your learners using VocabProfile

In this post, I explain how to use a vocabulary range finder to help you minimise the number of low-frequency words in a text. I explain when and why this can be a very useful thing to do, and list a couple of alternative uses of the range finder as well.

12 ways of creating stories with your EFL students

Embedding target vocabulary and grammar points in vivid and emotionally-engaging stories is a great way to help your students remember more from their lessons, and remember them better. Here, I share twelve ways you can create stories with your learners.

Holocaust Memorial Day lesson for lower-level learners

Levels: beginner to low pre-intermediate.
Ages: teens; adults.
Type: listening for gist and detail; speaking (sharing information).
Skills: listening; speaking; pronunciation (intonation patterns and individual sounds).
Language focus: vocab re family relationships & personal feelings; any other grammar and vocab that arises.