DIY Board Game

Levels: strong elementary to advanced.
Ages: kids; teens; adults.
Type: board game; conversations.
Skills: listening; speaking; writing; pronunciation (difficult phonemes).
Language focus: question forms; vocab revision.

Intonation awareness – Football Fever

Levels: pre-intermediate to advanced.
Scope: teens; adults.
Type: responding to excited sports commentary; dictogloss.
Skills: listening; writing; pronunciation (sentence stress and chunking, conveying feelings through intonation).
Language focus: grammar and vocab structures (and register) from the commentary.

Shakespeare – Julius Caesar lesson

Level: advanced.
Ages: older teens; adults.
Type: encouraging imaginative responses to and engagement with two speeches from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.
Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing; pronunciation (individual words, sentence stress & chunking, conveying emotion through pauses and intonation patterns).
Language focus: grammar and vocab as it arises.

Using Poems to Practise Pronunciation

Levels: upper-intermediate to advanced.
Ages: older teens; adults.
Type: focussing on pronunciation through a recorded poem and work with the Sound Foundations phonetic chart.
Skills: listening; pronunciation (phonemes and sentence stress).
Language focus: vocabulary from the poem; metaphor.