Sentence Stress through Obama’s inauguration speech

Levels: intermediate to advanced.
Ages: older teens; adults
Type: listening for key/ prominent words in a real speech
Skills: listening; pronunciation (intonation and stress patterns in spoken English, mimicking an accomplished orator).
Language focus: any vocab as it arises.

Adjectives or Personality Types at a Party

Levels: pre-intermediate to upper-intermediate.
Ages: older kids; teens; young adults.
Type: role-play; revising personality adjectives; games.
Skills: listening; speaking; pronunciation (intonation patterns displaying personality types).
Language focus: vocab – personality adjectives.

Sound Stories

Levels: elementary to advanced.
´╗┐Ages: kids; young teens.
Type: using raw sounds to generate stories.
Skills: listening; speaking; writing; pronunciation (using intonation to convey atmosphere and drama).
Language focus: vocabulary – ways of speaking; any grammar and vocab that arises from the written/performed follow-up.

Intonation Poem

Levels: intermediate to advanced.
Ages: adults.
Aims: to focus on how different vocal qualities affect meaning; to practise creative writing; to bond the learners together as a group.
Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing; pronunciation (intonation and emphasis generally).
Language focus: any grammar and vocab that arises in the lesson.