Southbound – song – lesson idea and worksheets

Level: intermediate to advanced.
Ages: older teens and adults.
Type: scanning a text for vocabulary anomalies; listening and responding to a song; various writing- or performing-based follow-on tasks.
Skills: reading; listening and pronunciation; speaking; writing.
Language focus: vocabulary related to travel and moving (and missing) home.

“Hurt Feelings” by Flight of the Conchords – lesson plan

Level: strong pre-intermediate to intermediate.
Ages: teens or (young) adults.
Type: raising awareness of phonemes; song; gapfill.
Skills: pronunciation; listening; writing and speaking (in the follow-up).
Language focus: textual cohesion (grammar and vocabulary); informal vocabulary.

“Superstition” by Stevie Wonder – Lesson Plan

Levels: intermediate to upper intermediate.
Ages: teens; adults.
Type: conversation; song gapfill; first conditional practice/review.
Skills: listening; speaking; writing.
Language focus: vocab re superstitions and luck; first conditional practice.

“She’s Leaving Home” by the Beatles – Lesson Plan

Levels: intermediate to upper-intermediate.
Ages: teens; adults.
Type: song gapfill; letter writing based on responses to the song.
Skills: listening; speaking; reading; writing; pronunciation (rhymes).
Language focus: vocab as arises from the song and subsequent writing activity.