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British Council Articles on Teaching Reading Skills

British Council Articles on Using Literature in the Classroom

General ESL/EFL reading materials

General interest reading materials

  • Urban Legends
    Site dedicated to exploring common urban legends. Great for sparking discussion, as well as being interesting to read in its own right.


Maps – interactive

These sites allow users to add information to maps, and to read information added by others.

News – online special interest magazines

  • The Economist
    Political and business news. Great materials for IELTS and higher-level Cambridge exam classes.
  • New Scientist
    Popular, non-technical science mag. Useful for IELTS and higher-level Cambridge exam classes.
  • National Geographic
    Wonderful photography, as well as interesting articles on different societies and so on.

News – online newspapers

World News
  • BBC World Service
    Excellent, multilingual, UK-based current affairs and radio service.
    Links to an alleged 10,000 on-line regional ‘papers (I haven’t counted them…)
  • Reuters
    All the latest business news and mainstream news headlines pretty much as it happens…
Regional News
Notes from the Underground

(interactive) Posters

  • Glogster
    Create interactive, online posters using text, images, music and/or video. Useful for recycling vocabulary or for online writing tasks, especially those of a more personal nature (e.g., introductions, describing feelings).
  • MuseumBox
    Free, online program which allows you or your students to “tell the story” of moments in history, famous people, themselves, and so on, by “placing items” (such as text files, images, video or music clips) in a “virtual box” online. Can be used for vocabulary recycling activities as well as speaking, listening, reading, pronunciation or writing ones.
  • Wallwisher
    Free, online noticeboard generator. You can choose colour schemes and upload various kinds of content. Requires registration to use properly.

Questionnaire/Survey sites

Wherein students can create and take online surveys and questionnaires.

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