Speaking: Discussion Questions

Download the questions as a .pdf (for printing) or
copy and paste them (for editing) from the list below.

  • Is there anything which you think should be illegal in your country, but isn’t?
  • What’s the worst crime you can think of?
  • What drugs are illegal in your country? Do you think the law should be relaxed, or is it better to have a tough approach? Why?
  • Do you think adultery should be a criminal offence? Why/ Why not?
  • What should be the minimum age to drink alcohol at home? What about for smoking?
  • Do you think immoral acts should always be illegal acts? Why/ Why not?
  • Have you ever been a victim of crime? If so, are you happy to tell us what happened?
  • Have you ever witnessed a crime? What happened?
  • Are the police trustworthy in your country?
  • Which do you think would be worse: having your house burgled, or being mugged in the street? Why?
  • What’s the most common form of crime in your area?
  • Do you think that file-sharing can be a crime? Why/ Why not?
  • Are there any things which are crimes in your country, but you think should not be?
  • Have you ever done something illegal? Are you happy to tell us what it was?
  • Do you know of any famous crimes from your country? What happened?
  • What crimes worry you the most?
  • Alfred E Newman said, “crime does not pay … as well as politics.” What do you think about politicians in your country?
  • In what situations might you consider committing a crime?
  • Is graffiti always a crime? Why/ Why not?
  • Do you think any crimes should be punishable by death? Why/ Why not?

Reading: Online Texts

Here are some interesting (and, hopefully, semi-permanent!) online articles and websites I’ve found. Have a look through and see if there’s one that might interest your class. If you have any other suggestions about more sites or articles I could include here, please let me know.

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