Speaking: Discussion Questions

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See this post for 10 ideas on how to use these questions.

  • What do you think of when you hear the word, “food”?
  • How many times do you eat out in a month? Where do you like to go?
  • What’s your favourite kind of food to take away?
  • Do you prefer to use recipes when you cook or to improvise?
  • How much do you spend on food in a typical week? What do you usually buy?
  • What’s your favourite thing to eat? When do you usually eat it?
  • Do you prefer to eat three square meals a day,
    or do you snack a lot?
  • What do you usually have for breakfast?
  • Are there any kinds of food that you don’t enjoy eating? Whatʼs wrong with them?
  • Whoʼs the fussiest eater you know? Are you very particular about your food?
  • How important is food in your life?
  • Do you prefer starters and main courses, or
    main courses and desserts? Why?
  • What’s the last thing you cooked? What was it like?
  • Who’s the best cook in your family? Who’s the worst?
  • What kind of food would you most like to try?
  • What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week? What’s the worst?
  • Would you eat any food that had been genetically modified? Why/ Why not?
  • Do you try to buy organic produce?
  • Do you think the world will ever run out of
    food? Why/ Why not?
  • What’s the longest you’ve ever been without food? What was it like?

Listening: Online Videos

  • Digesting a cheese fondue
  • Slightly gruesome video and accompanying article from New Scientist TV, suggesting that alcohol really slows down digestion!

Reading: Online Texts

  • How Americans will trim the fat this Thanksgiving
  • Short article from visualeconomics about how people in the US are feasting on a budget for Thanksgiving 2011. The article is accompanied by a very useful infographic, and looks very useful for academic IELTS students.

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